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Marshmallow leaf 2015 crop

1 October 2015   /    2015 , Herbs , Marshmallow   /    no comments
We have finished 2015 harvest and proudly can show you our new product range. We added new machines for processing herbs. Thus the quality is better and product is cleaner. Slow drying process makes the taste better.
It is worth noting, that during the whole process, since the seeds, through the plant growing, harvesting, drying, cutting ,cleaning proces we don’t use any chemicals, pesticides etc., so our product can be called organic, except for that we are not Bio registered company.

Our range offer for marshmallow leaf:


marshmallow pure


marshmallow fine


marshmallow top


marshmallow top+

Below you can see all of them in a one comparison picture and close­look for each kind.

Marshmallow comparison

Marshmallow fine

Marshmallow pure

Marshmallow top+

Marshmallow top

Marshmallow whole leaf

What it is marshmallow used for:


it is good for respiratory tracts


it is a perfect base for smoking blends, as it taste good and it’s smoke is very light


is usually mixed with mullein or damaina for best results


­it can be easily blended with aromatic herbs to make enjoyable herbal cigarettes


­it is anti­tussive and stomach protecting

Are you intrested in buying hiqh quality marshmallow leaf? Contact us.

Damiana leaf 2015 crop

25 September 2015   /    2015 , Damiana , Herbs   /    no comments
We have made a new product range for Damiana in 2015. We are getting leaf from Mexico, however the quality isn’t great enough for smoking blends, teas, or herbal cigarettes. That is why we do our own processing. We clean it from powder, stems and twigs as much as possible.

See what is available in our offer for the coming season:


Damiana standard


Damiana fine


Damiana premium


Damiana top

Damiana comparison

About Damiana you can read more in our another note.

Are you intrested in buying hiqh quality damiana leaf? Contact us.

Fresh stock 2014/2015

2 November 2014   /    Marshmallow   /    no comments
As every year on our farm we have gathered fresh marshmallow and mullein. We do drying, cleaning, sieving, cutting also.
As for now we have a large selection of marshmallow form milled form (suitable for fake hash for example).


4x times sifted, available in dark green colour

marshmallow superfine
marshmallow superfine
(2-5mm cut)


4x times sifted, available in light and dark green colour


sifted several times, NO stems at all!

marshmallow top
marshmallow top
(6-8mm cut size)


hand selected whole leaf

Marshmallow leaf – Few words about quality

28 October 2011   /    Marshmallow   /    no comments
Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis) used for blends requires at least good quality. Typically sold in herbal shops is marshmallow herb, which contains leaf and stems. It doesn’t matter, when you drink it, but it produce much more harsh smoke, when burned. So, one of the most important key in quality of marshmallow is to have low, or even no stem and bigger veins in a herb. But, due to difficult processing, if less stems, then more priced. Below you can see several examples of different quality of marshmallow, from the herb to excellent, pure leaf.

In 2011 we have had such products in offer:


whole leaf hand-processed


cut leaf  good quality


cut leaf standard


cut herb

Also, you have to know, that they are at least two varietes of marshmallow – dark green, common in north, and light green. At the moment we have both on stock.

Marshmallow whole leaf hand-processed

Marshmallow whole leaf, hand-processed. Looks perfect.

Marshmallow leaf cut, hand processed. As you can see, it has virtually no stems, giving the lightest clouds possible with marshmallow.

But this variety of marshmallow is the most expensive one.

Marshmallow cut leaf – good quality

Very nice quality marshmellow. Only small amount of thin twigs (less than 1%). Finely cut leaf.

Marshmallow cut leaf – standard quality

Above is typically sold marshmallow. It has some impurites (small twigs), but has also very good taste, and produce light smoke.

This Marshmallow variety is similar to the previous one, but has more twigs. We call it Marshmallow leaf standard quality.

Marshmallow cut herb

This is Marshmallow herb cut. Because of large amount of stems and twigs. The cheapest one, but the smoke isn’t great, and is difficult to roll it. Not reccomended. Amout of stems is about 50% of herb (by weight).

Marshmallow leaf – An idea for blends

27 August 2010   /    Marshmallow   /    no comments

ried Marshmallow leaf has a deep green colour, fleshy, soft leaves and delicate hairs. Commonly it is used as an anti-irritant and anti-flammatory herb. Marshmallow leaf has a very delicate smoke, when burned in a pipe or a cigarette. It has also reliving properties for lungs, protects from cough. It accepts well extracts, it is excellent base to create aromatic incense. Just add a bit of essential oil and you will get perfect incense.