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Marshmallow leaf – Few words about quality

28 October 2011   /    Marshmallow   /    no comments
Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis) used for blends requires good quality processing. The marshmallow herb that is typically sold in herbal shops contains the leaf with stems. This doesn’t matter if you drink it, but it produces much harsher smoke when burned. So, the key to good quality marshmallow is to have little to no stems and bigger veins in the herb. Unfortunately, due to difficult processing, less stems = higher price. Below you can see several examples of different quality marshmallow- from the herb to excellent, pure leaf.

In 2011 we have had such products in offer:


whole leaf hand-processed


cut leaf  good quality


cut leaf standard


cut herb

Also, it is worth mentioning that there are at least two varieties of marshmallow – dark green, common in north, and light green. At the moment we have both in stock.

Marshmallow whole leaf hand-processed

Marshmallow whole leaf, hand-processed. Looks perfect.

Marshmallow leaf cut and hand processed. As you can see, it has virtually no stems, making the lightest smoke clouds possible with marshmallow.

This variety of marshmallow is the most expensive one.

Marshmallow cut leaf – good quality

Very nice quality marshmallow. Contains only small amount of thin twigs (less than 1%). Finely cut leaf.

Marshmallow cut leaf – standard quality

Above is the marshmallow variety that is typically sold in herbal shops. It has some impurities (small twigs), but has also very good taste, and produces light smoke.

This Marshmallow variety is similar to the previous one, but has more twigs. We call it Marshmallow leaf standard quality.

Marshmallow cut herb

This is Marshmallow herb cut. Because of the large amount of stems and twigs, it is the cheapest one. The smoke isn’t great, and it is difficult to roll. Not recommended. The amount of stems is about 50% of herb (by weight).

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