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Marshmallow leaf 2015 crop

1 October 2015   /    2015 , Herbs , Marshmallow   /    1 comment
We have completed our 2015 harvest and can now proudly show you our new product range. We added new machines for processing herbs; hence, the quality is better and our product is cleaner. On top of that, our slow drying process makes the taste better.
It is worth noting that we do not use any chemicals, pesticides etc., throughout the entire process- from the seeds, to the growing, harvesting, drying, cutting, and cleaning of the plants. Therefore, even though we are not a Bio registered company, our product can still be called ‘organic,’ nonetheless.

The range of our offer on Marshmallow leaf:


marshmallow pure


marshmallow fine


marshmallow top


marshmallow top+

You can see all of them in comparison on one picture, as well as a close-up of each kind individually.

Marshmallow comparison

Marshmallow fine

Marshmallow pure

Marshmallow top+

Marshmallow top

Marshmallow whole leaf

Marshmallow uses and effects:


It is good for the respiratory tract


It is a perfect base for smoking blends, as the taste is good and the smoke is very light


Can be mixed with Mullein or Damiana for best results


­It can be easily blended with aromatic herbs to make enjoyable herbal cigarettes


­It is anti-tussive and protects the stomach

Are you intrested in buying hiqh quality marshmallow leaf? Contact us.

Damiana leaf 2015 crop

25 September 2015   /    2015 , Damiana , Herbs   /    no comments
We have made a new product range for Damiana in 2015. We are currently getting our leaf from Mexico, however, the quality isn’t great enough for smoking blends, teas, or herbal cigarettes. That is why we do our own processing. We clean it from powder, stems and twigs as much as possible.

See what is available in our offer for the coming season:


Damiana standard


Damiana fine


Damiana premium


Damiana top

Damiana comparison

You can read more about Damiana here.

Are you intrested in buying hiqh quality damiana leaf? Contact us.