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2 September 2015   /    Mullein   /    Comments Off on Mullein

Verbascum thapsus (Mullein) is a 2-year plant, native to Northern Europe, South Asia, North Africa, and North America. Mullein is commonly used as an expectorant. It is also very useful in relieving cough, and keeping the lungs healthy. Native Americans smoked it in order to clear the lungs. This is why Mullein, both flower and leaf, is a very nice base for smoking blends. Some people consider mullein to be the best base for herbal cigarettes, smoking blends or simply incense for refreshing the room etc. It is important to maintain the right amount of humidity for Mullein. Dried Mullein is not nearly as good as moist Mullein. Moist Mullein has a light, fresh flavour and is soothing to smoke, while dried Mullein is pretty tasteless and can even feel harsh.

Below you can see photos of our mullein flower stock.